Summer Camp Week 3: Guess Who

Today we played Guess Who with musical instruments.

The children playing Guess Who with musical instrumentsWe have the version with the little doors, so if you have the same version please feel free to download the PDF I made from the bottom of this page.

My choice of instruments had a lot to do with which pictures were easy to find and wouldn’t be too confusing rather than featuring complete instrumental families or sticking to a particular genre of music. So, for example, I included the violin but not the viola or cello as with pictures this small the differences between them weren’t obvious enough (and two of my three kids aren’t readers yet).

I was impressed with how easily my little lot adapted to this version of the game – without prompting they came up with questions such as:

  • Is it a blowing instrument?
  • Does it have strings?
  • Do you hit it to play it?

They did need a little guidance when it came to the difference between the organ and the piano (maybe I’ll change one of those options on a future version), and I guess you might need to keep your ears open for any disputes about the piano as it can fit into a couple of different categories.

If you do decide to print this out to try at home (I hope you will!) then I suggest you leave the top section of the paper attached to help hide the sliders as I only made one version (rather than creating a second page with the items in different positions). Please let me know in the comments if you find this printable useful; I’d be happy to upload alternative/improved versions in future.


NB. The PDF is set up for letter size paper, but if you are printing on A4 just ensure you don’t click to resize and it should still come out ok – you might just need to cut a small strip off the bottom of the page.


Summer Camp Week One: Make Some Noise Monday

So, day number one and we’re already off course.  I had scheduled some shaker-making for today, but the kids had other ideas.

I spent last night setting up a mini keyboard studio in our basement (I’m offering free piano lessons to friends and neighbours over the summer) and when the kids saw the small semi-circle of keyboards they couldn’t resist having a go.  So, the three of them set the agenda experimenting with loud and soft (mostly loud!), turn-taking (hotly contested!) and many of the other functions of the various keyboards.  Then, as I disappeared upstairs to make the lunch (and escape the noise), I heard them making their own music for musical statues (aka ‘freeze-dance’ here in Canada).

You might not have a keyboard in your house, but why not round up whatever musical instruments you can find and just embrace the noise for a while – even if it’s just a very short while?

I took the kids on a hunt around the house and we found quite a collection of maracas, drums, recorders etc. thrown into various toy boxes (and hidden out of the children’s reach!).  The children were delighted to see them all and quickly put together a band – that classic combo of vocals, toy keyboard and maracas.

Today’s suggestion then, in a nutshell, grab some instruments and let those little noise-makers do their thing.

Here’s some noisy Disney fun for your little trolls. See you tomorrow… 🙂