About Julia Andrews

I’m a piano teacher and accompanist offering piano and group music classes in Carterton, Oxon.

I studied piano and violin in my home town of Bath, England and then at the University of Birmingham and Birmingham Conservatoire.

Until the birth of my children I worked as an editor of illustrated reference and children’s books as well as playing in orchestras and accompanying musicians and dancers.

Nowadays my portfolio career has to fit in around life with three young children; in the last six years I have worked as a freelance journalist, a learning support assistant in a primary school and a registered childminder, while training in early-childhood education and the Musikgarten program of music education.


About Family and Friends Music Club

I set up the Family and Friends Music Club blog as a place to share my thoughts and ideas about music and piano teaching.

Over the summer break I’ve been sharing quick musical activities for kids and as time goes on I’ll be posting more ideas to hopefully add a little more music and fun to everyday life.


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