Bowie for Kids

I wanted to share some Bowie with the Kindergarten Music Club this week, and the vote from my own children was for Changes.  My theory is that the kids like this one because of the ‘ch ch ch’ refrain – they are, after all, big fans of repetitive sounds in popular music.

So for the listening section of our class today, we:

  • learned a little about David Bowie and looked at some pictures of his different styles and musical identities
  • listened to Changes using this very simple listening guide that I put together to help us identify the instruments and recognise the structure.

And while I worked individually with the kids on their recorders the rest of the group designed themselves a pop musician ‘look’ using this blank person template.

picture of David Bowie Changes album coverWhat a fun lesson, and what great music – thanks, David Bowie!



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