Summer Camp Week 3: Je Suis une Pizza

For today I offer a quick song suggestion.

My eldest daughter, L, introduced the songs of Charlotte Diamond to me when she first started kindergarten here in Calgary and I gather that more than one generation of Canadians will be very familiar with this song!

Je suis une Pizza was L’s first introduction to speaking (and singing) French, but it is such a perfect echo song that she didn’t seem to notice that she was learning a new language.

My French is terrible, and the younger children haven’t had much exposure to French yet, but we all enjoy singing this song. And that opening got a laugh from the kids at least the first 20 times!

So, enjoy echoing Mme Diamond – or each other – and I’ll be back with another musical suggestion tomorrow.

ps. If you’d rather stick with English I am a Pizza can also be found on YouTube.