Summer Camp Week 5: 5 Pop Songs

This category is very much down to personal taste, but my children all seem to enjoy a song with a singalong ‘la la’ or ‘whoa whoa’ -type chorus, so I thought I’d share a few favourites…

1.Something in the Water, Brooke Fraser


2. Be My Forever, Christina Perri feat. Ed Sheeran


3. Live Life, Jesse & Joy


4. Roar, Katy Perry


5. Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison


MMMBop, Hanson


I fear some people might not thank me for including this particular ear-worm, but since I’m featuring songs with ‘la-la’ or ‘oh-oh’ refrains I thought this one would also go down well with the kids. Unfortunately it seems to have reminded L of her desire to have her own drum kit!

I did also try the kids with Blur’s Song 2, certainly the most famous ‘woo-hoo’ song I could think of, but they were disappointingly lukewarm. Maybe it’ll be a ‘grower’…